Bimmer down

After sorting out most of the problems with the BMW over the years, and finally getting it running well enough for a long trip, she’s gone and blown a gasket. (literally) I’d hoped it was an electronic problem since there were previously no signs of gasket failure, but on my most recent check, there was coolant in the oil. This car has been plagued by coolant pressure related issues since we got it and when I finally fixed it, the next weak link broke. Thankfully we haven’t driven it since, so hopefully the bearings, cams and journals haven’t been destroyed. Either way, it’s time to rebuild the engine. Since that will cost about what the car is worth, it’s going to get put on the back burner for a while. We’re going to get a new car for my wife to drive in the mean time and decide what to do with the 530i later.

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