Update 2/5/2016

Since the last update, I’ve taken the mini on a few test runs.  On the last one, the generator failed and almost caught fire!  I was able to disassemble it, figure out what went wrong and managed to fix it.  After re-installing the generator, I found that the blinker module was shorting out.  I fixed that temporarily and was about to take it out for a run when the engine shut down and wouldn’t start.  Thankfully I didn’t press my luck trying to restart it because it was leaking fuel from one of the carb float bowls.  (scary)  After taking the float bowl apart, I saw that the float was full of gas and not floating.  I’ve now replaced the floats and gaskets in both float bowls and the engine runs again.  My next tasks are to fabricate some floors for the companion boxes next to the rear seat, clean up the rocker panels and weld them all in place.  I’m also debating cutting out the left A-panel that holds the passenger door hinges and replacing it with a new panel so that it can be lined up properly.  (the current fit is poor and causes the door to close off angle)  Once that’s complete, I’ll add the mounting points for the seatbelts and then paint & seal the interior.  Here’s hoping I can kick this cold and be able to work on it some more this weekend!