Update 12/14/2015 – Getting Close!

With work travel and the holidays, I haven’t taken time to post much other than updates to the photolog linked on the project page.  While the Mini doesn’t look much different on the outside, there has been a lot of progress underneath.  I spent several weekends in a row working out the remaining issues with the electrical system.  I now have fully functional head lights, tail lights, and turn signals.  I’ve also spent a lot of time on the mechanicals lately.  I went through the process of connecting up the brakes, filling & bleeding the lines and testing only to find out a few days later that the old brake cylinders had given out and puked all over the floor.  (more parts from the internet)  While I was waiting on that, I got some help with the engine from a buddy with classic british car experience.  We got the rockers gapped, set the timing on the engine, hooked up some gauges and serviced the carbs.  I also washed out the refurbished fuel tank with acetone and got it prepped for install.  During that process, I also figured out that I needed yet another couple of holes in the trunk floor.  Done and done!  We didn’t get a chance to try and start the engine yet, but that’ll be coming soon.  We were also blocked by a spark issue (as in lack thereof) that would have been a show stopper that day anyway.  This probably means more parts! 🙂