A new car project: 1966 Austin Mini Cooper

With the E39 project being finished, I’ve been itching to do another car project. My wife and I were always interesting in getting a classic Mini, but were never able to find one in good condition. I’d scoured online resources like craigslist and the MiniMania forum on and off for years, but with no luck. I even came close one time when I found a guy that was moving and didn’t think he’d be able to take his prized car with him. Fortunately for him, he was able to keep his Mini, and another one slipped through my fingers. I’d almost given up when I found a rare ’66 mini intact with most of the parts for cheap on craigslist. I was leaving for a work trip and decided I wouldn’t even look until I was about to head back. Luckily for me I found it was still available the night before I was to return.  I rented a truck and car carrier and drove 5 hours to GA to pick it up (and 5 hours back) the day after I got back.  It was a long day, but was totally worth it.  The Mini is a 1966 Mark I made by Austin.  It’s got the original 998cc engine, but also came with a Cooper head that should improve performance.  It’s going to be a lot of work, but much of the hard work is already done.  The previous owner had already disassembled it and organized all the parts, so I can start right in on the clean-up and restoration.